Lemon Tree Foods


Who Says Fried Ice Cream Can't be Gourmet!

Why Lemon Tree Foods?

It all started when the founder and her family talked about how they loved Fried Ice Cream and wished they could have a quick, easy way to make it at home. She created a no-fry recipe and tried it out at a family party. It was a hit! Soon, the neighborhood kids asked for it when they visited, so she would package the Fried Ice Cream Mix and send it home with the kids to enjoy with their families. It has been requested for every get-together, family gathering and birthday party since.

With no Fried Ice Cream Mix on the market and many requests, the founder wanted to spread the love of the sweet, crunchy dessert so everyone can enjoy it at home with their friends and family.

All of Lemon Tree Foods' current and up-and-coming products are created because there is nothing like them on the market. Quality, easy, delicious foods that everyone will love.